I’ve worked in numerous venues and on so many events I can’t keep count. I’ve realised that great staff equal happy customers. So based on my experiences here are five ways to look after wedding venue staff.

Get the basics right at your venue

  1. Make sure everyone know what time to arrive and how long they will be working for. Ensure they have the right uniform so they look smart. A well chosen uniform can really help with a sense of belonging to a team. This is particularly important if you have a mix of regular and agency staff. Make sure they dress the same and they will feel equal members of your team too.
  2. When everyone has arrived hold a briefing. Run through timings for the day, highlighting pinch points and important details. It’s also a good time to cover any of those special guest requirements that, done well, will make a huge difference to those concerned.

Once the wedding is underway

  1. Keep communication flowing so everyone knows what’s going on. Things never run to plan. The unexpected will always happen. But keep talking. Good communication keeps people up to speed and avoids any snappy, stressful moments when things inevitably go awry.
  2. Plan breaks. Weddings are hard work so look after your team. Have dedicated drinks and snacks readily available. Make sure your team knows when they can have a proper break away from the hustle of the event. Arrange a meal so you can show your gratitude for their efforts. Stagger breaks so your customers always have someone to call on if they need help too.
It’s not difficult to show you value your staff. If they are happy it will mean they care more about working… Click to Tweet

At the end of the night

  1. Make sure everyone gets home safely. Weddings often finish in the early hours when public transport isn’t available. When staff arrive, check everyone has a plan on how they are getting home. If cost is an option, connect people together to share lifts or taxis. As a wedding planner or venue owner you should care about the safety of your team.

It’s not difficult to show you value your staff. If they are happy it will mean they care more about working with you and your clients. Then hopefully everyone will have a great experience – and keep coming back to your venue for more!

Don’t forget that if you would like my help with your venue or wedding planning, just get in touch.

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